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90 Dice Raw Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now

Updated: May 22, 2019

Most of us know Dice Raw from his affiliation with the Grammy Award winning rap group The Roots but the Philadelphia native is an Underground rap legend that has accomplished way more than your typical emcee. He's a lyrical assassin that fair too many haven't acknowledged and its time we give this man his flowers while he's still here. Not only could he kill your favorite Soundcloud rapper on a track but he's an executive producer, a prison reform activist and play writer. In short he's an insanely creative genius who has mastered the art of hip-hop.

"Though I spend every waking hour in the studio, Coming up with songs, they ask me what's wrong, Shit sound hot, I tell them hip hop"

Unbeknownst to many Dice has four solo albums, produced a soundtrack for his stage play The Last Jimmy and has a group project with late great J Dilla and Pregunta who is better known as Questlove. He's been featured on countless tracks and has sparingly put out singles throughout the years. Raw's a musical machine with an immeasurable discography and this list highlights some of his greatest work. The 100 Dice Raw song list explores the vast musical accomplishments of the hip-hop icon.

#90-64 Dice Raw - The Narrative Album (2018)

Tracks 100 through 71 are from Dice's most recent project "The Narrative" which doubles as an E-book, that challenges the negative personification that shapes black culture. The 29 track album is a collective of narratives understood in urban culture and Dice poses several questions throughout the project in attempt to break the unhealthy cycle of the obstructive demotion of black people.

"Maybe when I was young I looked up to the wrong guys hangin' on the block where ya young nigga dreams die, goin thru my adolensence life not givin a fuck"

The album features iconic artists like Bilal Oliver, Truck North, Modesty Lycan, The Young King and Philadelphia favorite Peedi Crakk. Standout tracks Goldchain and Quickstand reference how "ghetto life" has a materialistic mindset that is often damaging to black communities. There are several skits included on the album and Fallen Mask being one of them is a call-out regarding the destructive plot of black men in America. The project is filled with extensive knowledge and pushes the narrative of change in black culture. Dice has stated that this project is by far his best collective if work, its a must listen.

#90 "Intro"

#89 "Please Read Me"

#88 "Life and Opinions"

#87 "Prologue"

#86 "Ain't How It Use To Be"

#85 "Waiting"

#84 "Fallen Mask"

#83 "Fall"

#82 "Yesterday"

#81 "Tomorrow Never Comes"

#80 "Reminding"

#79 "Gold Chain"

#78 "Quicksand"

#77 "Skit"

#76 "Questions (Skit)"

#75 "Sorry"

#74 "Still A King"

#73 "Fix It"

#72 "One Of Us"

#71 "Inside A Light"

#70 "Interlude"

#69 "Makes Me, Me"

#68 "Breaking"

#67 "Rolling On"

#66 "Just Listen"

#65 "Dreams"

#64 "YGB"

#63 Dice Raw - "Cooperfield" (2010)

#62 Dice Raw - "The Illist" (2012)

#61 Dice Raw - "I Hate the Police" Ft. TIANI & Young King (2017)

#60 Dice Raw - "Dining Alone" (2012)

#59 Dice Raw - "Rear Window" (2012)

#58 Dice Raw - "Sabrina" (2015)

#57 Dice Raw - "Rich" (2015)

#56 Dice Raw - "Blind Eye" Ft. Gina Zo, Jamie Knight, Suzann Christine, TIANI & Young King (2017)

#55 Dice Raw - "My Only Friend" (2015)

#54 Dice Raw - "Rich Men" (2015)

#53 Dice Raw - "Alone" (2017)

#52 Dice Raw - "Nothing" (2014)

#51 Dice Raw - "I Do What I Like" (2004)

#50-33 Dice Raw - Reclaiming The Dead Album (2000)

#50 The End Of Your World

#45 Lava

#44 5 Stages of Death

#43 Thin Line

#42 Lockdown

#41 I Don't Think

#40 Raw Sex

#39 Go Dice Raw

#38 You Not The One

#37 If You Want It

#36 Forget What They Say

#35 Retreat To This

#34 Brain Softener

#33 If I Only Had Words

#32 Dice Raw - "Somebody Loves You" Ft. Raheem DeVaughn (2013)

#31 Dice Raw - "Young Gifted and Black" (2016)

#30 Dice Raw - "Bloody Mary" (2017)

#30 "Pour Me A Drink"

#29-24 Dice Raw - The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation Album (2011)

#29 "What about Dice"

#28 "Never"

#27 "100"

#26 Baby Come Home

#25 "1995"

#24 Time Flies

#23 100 Remix (feat. Freeway, Schoolly D, EST & Bionic)

#22-12 Dice Raw - Jimmy's Back Album (2013)

#22 ClockWork

#21 Gangsta

#20 "Run"

#19 Looking Glass

#18 Run Away

#17 Whats Goin On

#16 In the Heart

#15 Dollar Signs

#14 Thin Air

#13 Over

#12 Wake Up

#11 The Roots Ft. Dice Raw - "Lighthouse" (2011)

#10 Dice Raw - "400 Years" Ft. Mike Taylor (2016)

#9 The Roots Ft. Dice Raw - "The Lesson Pt. 1" (1995)

#8 The Roots Ft. Phonte & Dice Raw - "Now Or Never" (2010)

#7 Dice Raw - "Animal" (2016)

#6 The Roots Ft. Dice Raw & Malik B - "Here I Come" (2006)

#5 The Roots Ft. Blu, P.O.R.N & Dice Raw - "Radio Daze" (2010)

#4 The Roots Ft. Dice Raw & Peedi Crakk - "Get Busy" (2008)

#3 The Roots Ft. Dice Raw - "Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New" (1999)

#2 The Roots Ft. Beanie Sigel & Dice Raw - "Adrenaline" (1991)

#1 The Roots Ft. Dice Raw and Marz - "Clones" (1996)


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