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Alex Isley Sings R&B Bliss In New Ep: The Beauty of Everything, Pt. 2

Updated: May 14, 2019

Just when I thought R&B was dead, here comes Alex Isley to save the day with her new Ep The Beauty of Everything, Pt. 2. Ms. Isley serenaded us in part 1 and she keep that same energy in part 2. Her angelic voice sings of love songs that even make heaven blush. With sounds that feel like heartbeats, she tells love stories that are relate-able to all of us. This is the music your heart has been yearning for. The five track Ep embodies new age R&B and features neo-soul singer SiR in the standout track “Love on-Demand”. You can feel the romance in each track and there is beauty in the transparency of Isley’s lyrics. With every track there is growth of sensuality. Unwind, relax and grace your ears with this musical bliss. Its a must repeat.


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