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BIG K.R.I.T. - “Energy” Video Overflowing With Black Excellence

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Anybody who samples Jill Scott better come with that Energy and BIG K.R.I.T definitely brought it in this visual. If you were every looking for a true representation of black culture, spend the next four minutes watching this video. Not only does it showcase the power in brown skin but it displays the royalty it embodies. Words of motivation are finessed into the lyrics and if you aren't quick enough you'll miss the message.


K.R.I.T issues a statement of togetherness to his people and he shows appreciation for his culture in scenes that depict the magic his people posse. From blood red durags that have never ending tails and to scenes that glorify the natural nurturing spirit of brown woman, K.R.I.T visually communicates the beauty in blackness.

Now I could be wrong when interpreting this video but it begins with BIG K.R.I.T in a field engulfed in bright red lights. The red light could be associated with the police brutality brown people suffer from. Or it could be homage to the blood shed in cotton fields in early American history. Regardless there is a message in this scene and its up to the viewer's discretion.

You see K.R.I.T dressed in all black with his foot out of the back of a clean ass Cadillac, but you have to expect that southern swag to make an appearance in a Mississippi rapper's video. There is a constant display of warm colors like deep yellows, burnt oranges and earthy greens that bring such a visual warmth to the screen.

And to add to the story, there is electric energy in the eyes of the children who are in the video and about one minute and thirty-three seconds in, there is a scene that needs no explanation. Just know wisdom is powerful.

There are flashes of the many roles women play in this video, and each woman looks so gracefully angelic handling life. Empowering is such a water-downed word these days but its empowering to see beautiful brown women in a positive light for once.

Energy can be felt throughout this visual. And there is a purpose behind this video and you can take a lot in when watching it. The video's energy was so powerful it has me writing an article about it, so its definitely worth a view. Let me me know what you took from this video in the comments below, I would love to read everyone's take on the video.

This song is a single from BIG K.R.I.T's newly released album "TDT" that dropped Jan 11. If you haven't already I advise you to listen to the album because its a rap masterpiece. Mississippi stand up.


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